Cath is a well known Canadian Teddy Bear Artist whose wonderful bears are sought after by collectors in many countries. Her creations come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Over the years Cath has had the pleasure of creating special pieces for contests at various shows and has quite a few ribbons to show for her efforts. She also won the Collectible of the Year Award for her Pandas by the Collectible Canada magazine in 1997. Her bears have wormed their way into the hearts of collectors world wide and she enjoys the letters from unusual places.


Cath's 10th Anniversary bear is made from curly matted mohair. He has a long snout, glass eyes and is stuffed with polyfill and pellets.

Spirit "KERMODE" bear
This is the white bear found on Princess Royal Island, British Columbia. He is 15" head to tail and stands 9" high. He is made with straight German mohair and he has glass eyes. His double neck joint makes him very posable.


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