Welcome! Bonjour! Guten tag! Failte! My name is Karen and, above and beyond everything else, I'm a collector. The creatures I design are mainly to satisfy my own desires, critters I can't find anywhere else but in my own imaginings. Here are two of my designs:


Sweetness is my thoughtful bear with a wonderful full-belly profile and incredibly soft fur. While Sweetness lives with me, his kin come in many different colours/colour combinations. Bears like Sweetness are about 14 inches tall, jointed, made of German synthetic with shaved or ultrasuede paw pads and have hand-painted ears, safety-lock eyes, hand-stitched noses, mouths, eyebrows and claws and are filled with polyester fiberfill/plastic pellets (and love!). Not recommended for children. Please enquire about what colours are currently possible. I also make a smaller (12 inch) version in German mohair.

Lily and Salt are my swans and this design was inspired by the swans in Stratford, Ontario. Each swan is unique but all are about 13 inches long, 8 inches high, made of German synthetic with suede feet and cob, upholstery fabric beak, hand-painted details, safety-lock eyes and polyester fiberfill. The beak, head and neck are wired to hold the elegant shape while the wings are wired for poseability. The flowers vary according to what I can find. Not recommended for children.

Lily and Salt

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