Heirloom Bears by Jolika

Dental prosthetics has been my chosen profession for the last 25 years. My mechanical skills and my hand dexterity have developed into a pleasant hobby of becoming an acclaimed Canadian bear artist. I have a passion to bring life back into well-loved fur coats by creating fur teddy bears ranging in size from 10" to 25" tall. I challenge myself to use all textures of furs and giving reverence to each species. Each one requires hours of patience and skill but most of all, love. The bears are for four-year-olds to one hundred four-year-olds.


walking bears
Walking bears

I am the recipient of the 1998 Canadian New Artist Award sponsored by Bears and Beyond 2000. I have received other 1st place awards both national and regional. One of my bears was nominated for a 1999 Golden Teddy Award (individual artist category) from Teddy Bear Review Magazine!

1998 Canadian New Artist award Winner

1998 Canadian New Artist Award WINNER!

For more information, please phone:
403 686-4639

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