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SWEET WILLIAMS' Teddy Bears has been in existence since 1996.... That was the year Judy made her first teddy bear after stumbling upon a bear show in Massachusettes... She had no idea then that three years later her bears would be collected by people all over the world... This is a sampling of her work...


Judy's bears are usually a rusty brown or an old gold ... traditional colors. They all have humps on their backs (more tradition), smallish glass eyes, and hand embroidered noses... with nostrils ("they take forever to do!")
Each bear is fully jointed and is filled with a poly/pellet mixture (to make them feel just a bit heavier than you'd expect them to!!)
The smallest bear Judy makes is named "Bill"... (short for William, of course), he's 9" tall. The biggest (so far) was a rather grand fellow called "Herrington" measuring in at a whopping 36"!! (He fought back as I tried to stuff him!")

This is an example of the dressed bears that Judy likes to make... Confession... "my mum knits the sweaters!!"
"I do a lot of costumed bears at SWEET WILLIAMS" ... everything from this series of school-kids (some even sporting hand-made leather satchels)... to Elizabethan bears complete with wigs and halberds!!
Each bear is painstakingly hand-crafted with the same care as the bare bears before being fitted with it's costume!! Each and every bear is a "One-Of"..." I just can't seem to duplicate them... they're like children... with personalities all their own each time!!"


Feel free to get in touch to see what's being created next... you never quite know!
Judy's bears were excited to head to the bear show at Kensington Town Hall in London, England on May 23rd, 1999!

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