Mul0Beary Bears Ltd.

Auberon10½", and Barney 8½", are made from German mohair. They have synthetic suede paw pads and are stuffed with polyester fiber fill.

I began making Teddy bears in 1993. It all started when a good friend asked me to repair her son's 25 year old Panda. Not wanting to harm the poor tattered teddy I suggested that I would rather try making a new Panda.

Just a short time later I came across a shoppe that was offering a class in making a fully jointed mohair teddy bear. That class was magic, the secrets of a teddy bear whose arms, legs and head moved had been revealed. I left the class with several yards of mohair fabric, joints and eyes and lots of inspiration.

I live in British Columbia, surrounded by Mother Nature's splendor. I have taken several workshops with master bear artists to try and improve my own work. My bears have been featured in Teddie's Own Journal, England's Teddy Bear Times, and the US magazine, Teddy Bear Review.

Mul-Beary Bears are found in homes in Canada, the United states, Germany and England. I am always working to create the special Teddy Bear that will steal someone's heart.

Owen (standing in background) 10 3/4", has synthetic suede paw pads, brown eyes and is stuffed with polyester fiber fill. He wears a leather vest and bow tie.Jeremy (standing) 7 3/4", Stanley & Gladys (sitting) 6 3/4", are made of German mohair. They have synthetic suede paw pads, are stuffed with polyester fiber fill and steel shot.

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