Chucky Bears

Original design regular size and mini bears created from mohair and quality synthetic furs. We have pandas and a grizzly, and our own Canadian bear, EhBear!

Bears are stuffed with polyfil and pellets, minibears stuffed with polyfil and washed sand. Glass eyes or safety eyes offered, all bears jointed.

Billy, 18" tall (sits approx. 12" tall) is made from honey-tan German mohair and is stuffed with polyfil. He has black glass eyes, droopy eyelids and a stitched pearl-cotton nose with freckles. The insides of his ears and his foot pads are dark brown suede. His hands have poseable fingers. Limited edition of 10.

Willy, 16" tall, is made from tan acrylic fur and stuffed with polyfil. He has glass eyes, droopy lids, brown suede inner ears, foot pads, and nose. Limited edition of 20.

Cherylyn Turner
Chucky Bears
276 Sydney Street
Milton, Ontario
L9T 1E1

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