Along side babbling Bilston Creek, wild flowers grow, honey bees dance and thoughts of teddy bears drift blissfully by.

Jennifer Townsend has been creating and designing original teddy bears with the finest materials since 1995. The Bilston Creek Bears exude charm and personality. They carry with them memories of the tranquility of the gentle creek and lazy summer days.

Jennifer invites you to come meet the Bilston Creek Bears. You're welcome to kick-back, relax and most of all, enjoy your visit.


7.5 inches tall, made with sparse mohair, ultrasuede paw pads and German glass eyes. He is wearing pants adorned with star buttons (color may vary), and suede suspenders to hold them up. A clown wouldn't be complete without his patented squirting lapel pin!


Gabrielle has earned herself a beautiful set of feathery angel wings, a halo of stars, and a beautiful pair of roses in her hair. She stands 12" tall, and is made of cream colored mohair, has Ultrasuede paw pads and is Polyfilled. Her hand blown German glass eyes sparkle as does the crystal raindrop that hangs from her neck.

Bilston Creek Bears
Jennifer Townsend
813 Station Ave
Victoria, British Columbia
V9B 2S2
phone: 250-474-6872

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