I have a passion for bears. To make them and to collect them. I love to design bears that have a display or to me more of an art form like the "Watcher of the Woods". I enjoy not only making the bear but finding interesting things to use with it.

I have been making bears full-time for a number of years now and have met some wonderful people. I have won several awards at shows in Ontario including placing First with two bears entered in the competition at May Madness.

I enjoy using any fabrics to make bears. I use mohair, alpaca, real fur and upholstery fabrics. I like to stuff the bears firm unless I use glass beads to make squishy tummies.



Watcher of the Woods

Watcher of the Woods won First place at the May Madness Show (Toronto, 1998). The bear, about 16 inches, is hand painted and sits on a natural fungus throne. It has glass eyes, wool paws, and has polyester and glass beads for stuffing. The bear wears a collar of feathers, flowers, oak leaves and lace. There are six birds, three frogs and a porcelain fairy that sleeps on the display.


Willoughby is made from extra dense curly mohair, suede paws, and glass eyes. He has an apple wreath on his head, a robin and a bag of apples. Willoughby is about 24 inches tall.

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