I live in Brampton, Ontario with my husband, Herb, two dogs (Darby and Emily), Zoe the cat, and also my hug of bears that create a warm and whimsical ambience to our home. I have been making bears since 1996. Sewing and crafts have always been a part of my life (thanks to my mother) but teddy bears have become a passion. I am also a truly addicted collector.

My teddy bears are first and foremost made with love and care. Most of my bears are one-of-a-kind or small limited editions. They are made from imported German mohair, some vintage fabrics as well. They see with imported glass eyes, are fully jointed, poly/pellet stuffed (very hugable and cuddly) and range between 9 and 25 inches tall.

My teddy bears are rarely dressed (!) but have a ribbon or adornment around their necks. Sleepy Hollow Bears are mostly traditional creations with nice round tummies and tush and a hump on their back. My trademark on each and every bear is an antique gold bear button sewn on the inside right ankle.

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Please feel free to contact me:

Anja McGowan
Sleepy Hollow Bears
23 Viewmount Crescent
Brampton, Ontario
L6Z 4R5
Phone:(905) 846-9621

Fax: (905) 846-9911

Email: amcgoo AT rogers.com

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