I've been making bears for 2 1/2 years. It all started when I realized that the bears I bought for my daughter were really for me. I started to make bears from patterns but that wasn't satisfying enough and I ended up changing the patterns. Now I make my own patterns for each bear.

I have specialized in Sasquatches. These are open editions and they are squat little plush bears that look very much like a Sasquatch.


10" plush fur, black glass eyes,
cotton stitched nose

Tim Bit
11" dense colourful brown mohair,
sculpted feet, black glass eyes,
cotton stitched nose.

I have a variety of colourful needle felted bears as well, which range in size from 4" to 5". My other bears range in sizes from 9" to 24".

Cala Bear Den
Carola Lange
18 Bibeau Bay
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2J 2A7
Phone: 204-257-6003
Email: calabear02 AT yahoo.ca

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