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"Learning the Ropes"
2000 TOBY sm Award Nominee

From one generation to the next,
as in generations past,
the Papa teaches his son
the magic of the marionette.
Evidently, Papa makes it look easier than it is!

Papa 6 1/4"    Son 3 1/2"

Limited Edition - 20

Mohair bears with glass eyes, Ultrasuede
paws and wearing silk trousers and bow ties.
Marionettes are hand sculpted from
polymer clay.

Learning the Ropes



This lay-back easy-going bruin has
perhaps eaten a bit too much and
exercised a bit too little.
He is, however, completely comfortable with himself
even though he looks like he just got caught
with his paw in the cookie jar.

Limited Edition - 20

This 12 inch bruin has glass eyes
and wool felt muzzle,
inner ears and paw pads.

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