Jan has been designing her own original patterns and creating fully jointed mohair bears since January 1995. Her designs are strongly influenced by traditional German teddies produced near the turn of the century. Measuring in the 12 - 18 inch range, her bears are bare - proudly wearing only the occasional bow or hat!

Emily was selected as a 1998 finalist in the Teddy Bear Scene Event Awards (EVA's) at Alexander Palace, London.    


1996 Golden Teddy Award Winner

In August 1996, Camile, one of Jan's bears, received the Golden Teddy Award from Teddy Bear Review Magazine. She is twelve inches tall, fully jointed and made from light brown mohair. Camile's inquisitive, straight forward expression gives her the look of a bear who is in charge of the hug! Camile has travelled to two Bear Fairs in Calgary as well as shows in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. She is now home to watch over the Bears and Beyond web page!
As Jan's designs have evolved, the bears have developed fuller snouts and larger feet. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Tiffany's pink color is a striking change from the browns and rust colors of previous designs. Jan's bears are stuffed firmly, but they still have the ability to provide a good "hug" when needed!

16" Pink Mohair,
Hand Quilted Vest

1997 Golden Teddy Award Nominee


Jan Dougall
Bears and Beyond

Saskatoon, Sask.
Email: jan AT bearsandbeyond DOT com


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