Melanie entered into the exciting world of bear artistry in 1992 at the age of 14.

She makes not just bears but a menagerie of critters from bunnies to kittens... puppies to chickens.

"I love to create different animals and dyeing mohair is one of my passions."

Melanie's unique work is featured in collections all over the world and has been shown in many Teddy bear magazines. Melanie is a self taught artist.

"I've always believed if you are passionate about something you can learn on your own."

Her recent endeavors include hand painted rainbow bears and some very unusual sculpted face creatures.

"I hope you enjoy my critters as much as I enjoy making them!"


Swizzle is 11.5 inches tall, jointed and made from hand painted mohair. He has glass eyes, hand painted German felt pads, multicolored stitched nose and is stuffed with polyester. Swizzle has a rainbow colored wired ribbon around his neck. Color will vary


This is 'Mystery', he is 6.5" from his Tush to the top of his head. 'Mystery' has a hand painted and hand sculpted face. No molds are used so each of his kin are unique. He has Whiskers and Glass eyes that are set into the sculpted head. 'Mystery' is featured in the 'Teddy Today' magazine spring 2000 issue in the bunnies special.

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