White 55 cm bears


Each and every bear is personally handcrafted from recycled fur. No animals are mistreated or bred for the purpose of becoming a "Keep Sake Bear". In love and respect for the gifts of nature, we at "Keep Sake Bears" are dedicated to the preservation of those gifts.

It is our company policy to produce a product of the highest quality so that these personalized gifts reflect the warmth, love, tradition and caring that brings joy to our lives.

If you have a fur coat, you can send it to us and we can make the teddy bear out of it. That means that whatever fur your coat is, your bear is made from the same fur.

These teddy bears are 55cm tall and handcrafted with joint limbs, filled with hollowfill stuffing and glass eyes for a lasting sparkle.

Cheryl Chamula
Keep Sake Bears

508 Victoria St.
Elora, Ontario
Canada N0B 1S0
Telephone 519-846-5933

Email: keepsake AT golden.net



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