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Hi there, I am an Arctophile from way back!  I've been collecting since childhood and creating original bears since 1989.  I belong to a Teddy Bear Club in Ottawa called The Grizzley Gang and always have fun making bears, creating new patterns and of course meeting more bear lovers. My Teddies are all unique and limited to small edition sizes or are often one-of-a-kind bears.  They are all quality made usually exclusively from imported mohair or vintage fabrics, with glass eyes, suede or ultrasueds paw pads and stitched cotton noses and claws.  I often incorporate flexlimb and growlers as well, as most bears need a voice!  I love the little bears but my range is 2" to 24" and each of them is packed with personality!! At special times of the year I love to create keepsake bears for loved ones or for Christmas tree toppers!  Custom orders are a challenge and always welcome. I just love Teddy Bears; they bring so much joy to us all....

George and Gracie

George and Gracie

They are both 8" bears made of kinky curly 3/4" german mohair.  George is nutmeg and Gracie is white. They have wire armature in their forearms so they can cuddle and dance together.  Both are fully jointed, have german glass eyes, ultrasuede paw pads and are weighted with a bit of copper coated buckshot to allow them to stand.  They are an original design and are open edition, as different colored couples are made to represent the great romances in history.

Smaller Bears From 1997

Smaller bears from 1997
(all adopted)

This is a grouping of my smaller little bears... all in mohair and ranging from 3" to 8".  Dudley is the 2-toned bear in the upper left, Butter cookie is the little grizley on all fours.  The two little ones in the stacking dolls are Puck and Wistful.  The little brown grizley is named Brownie, standing next to him is 'Rhiannon's bear' and the smaller two-toned bear is Sprite.  The blue bear is Pussywillow and the brown guy on the right is Shiloh.  All are original and fully jointed with glass eyes and ultrasuede or suede pads.  Some are shot weighted, and are stuffed with polyfill and pellets.

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