Briarwood Originals

Just bear-ly out of the woods....

and to the delight of arctophiles everywhere, this new and exciting line of collectible teddy bear is being offered by Alice Clarke.

These unique bears feature hand carved and handpainted and finished wooden faces. As each is handcrafted individually, they are truly one-of-a-kind, and so expressive! Style of dress is carefully chosen to match each unique personality, and when needed, bear accessories are also hand carved.

A variety of fabrics has been used in construction of these bears, including high quality synthetics, mohairs and recycled furs. All are stuffed with fibrefill and doll pellets, and are mostly jointed.

Buddies for the bears include moose, rabbits, hedgehogs, and many more, each featuring it's own unique wooden face.

All are signed and numbered under the chin. Sizes range from approximately nine inches to thirty-six inches, with the fourteen inch size being most popular.

To place your order for a Briarwood Originals bear or buddy, please contact:

c/o Alice Clarke,
Box 5705
High River, AB
Canada, T1V 1P3
Phone: 403.938.4844
Email: toyc AT

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